Joko Prabowo Consulting believes that each organization has their own right management. In other word, every organization needs to identify this "right" management and apply it as the foundation of their operations.

This philosophy will amplify the reality that there are organizations that are running with a false management. Even though the organization may seem like it runs smoothly on the surface, deep down in the management, there are a lot of critical points that should be managed and made more effective and efficient.


We are here with strong passion in maximizing efficiency and effectiveness of organizations by supporting their management and resources through:

  • Identifying the critical points in organization’s management and its resources.
  • Planing, organizing (designing) the right project management and approaches.
  • Building the organizational blueprint, unique to each organization.
  • Controlling organization through blueprint based operations.


We put ourself as part of the organizations we affiliated with. When they failed, we failed. When they succeed, we also succeed.

-Joko S Prabowo. CEO. Joko Prabowo Consulting


We have listed some of our proud clients. (in alphabetical order)

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JOKO S. PRABOWO is a Management Consultant that specializes in building the blueprint of organization’s system and human resource management.

After finishing his studies overseas, He began his career in Indonesia with Power Character in 2007 as one of their Behavior Consultant. He then served as the Associate Manager for Foto Karakter Service in Balikpapan, East Borneo.

Starting from 2009, He moved to Jakarta and started his personal customized consulting service to match with his clients requirements at the time. Focusing on the design of the right management and how to get the right resources to takes the place in each operational flow in order to reach its maximum effectivity and efficiency.

By going through the experience of personally handled each organizations with its ups and downs, Joko has uniquely built his competency as a Management Consultant in building Organizational Blueprint for various types of organizations through Joko Prabowo Consulting services.

Joko S. Prabowo is married to Frida Laurencia since 2008, they have amazing 3 children and currently live in Karawaci, Banten Indonesia.


Joko S. Prabowo holds a double Diploma for Information System and Technology from Curtin International College in Australia, Diploma of Graphic Design from Tokyo Designer College in Japan and Certified as a Behavior Consultant. In 2016, he achieved his Master of Arts in Leadership and Management. He is currently pursuing his next Master degree in Management of Education.

Joko Prabowo Consulting is currently affiliated with several professionals with trustworthy education background and career.


Up until the end of 2018 Joko Prabowo Consulting has served more than 70 different organizations, which includes not only National organizations but also Multi-National and Non-Profit organizations in Indonesia and overseas.

Joko Prabowo Consulting has also distributed and evaluated more than 1500 Work Profile Assessments to support individuals and organizations in the process of recruitment and development of the respective human resources.